Titan SG

sg1The Titan SG  was designed for situations where a portable and light weight smoke generator is required. At 20 kilo’s one person can handle the Titan SG for effortless transportation and is easily mounted for example on to a quad bike or small boat. Typical coverage is 10m high at a distance of 100m from the generator after 30s of smoke emission.

  • Size : L600 x W600 x H320
  • Weight: 20 Kg
  • Fuel: Jet a1, heating oil or parrafin with a 5% oil premix.
  • Fuel Consumption : Approx 1.1 Litre per minute.
  • Smoke Fluid : Tested with Ondina & Kristol M14.
  • Smoke Production : From 0 to 480 litres per hour.
  • Control Method : 2.4 Ghz Radio Control.
  • Noise Level @ 1m : 97dB.
  • Ignition system : Glow plug.
  • Start time from cold : 20 seconds.
  • Restart time : 60 to 100 seconds.


Due to the high energy nature of Gas Turbine engines, a safety perimeter is required when operating the Titan SG.

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