Spey250 WM

spey250The largest SFX wind and mist generator in the world!
Originally used in the RAF’s Nimrod Aircraft.
The Spey250 is used to produce an insanely large volume of wind as well as having the capability of misting massive quantity’s of water.


  • Size : L3000 x W1400 x H1500
  • Weight: 1500 Kg
  • Fuel: Jet a1, heating oil or paraffin.
  • Fuel Consumption : Approx 20 Litres per minute @ idle.
  • Smoke Fluid : Tested with Ondina & Kristol M14.
  • Smoke Production : From 0 to 2500 litres per hour.
  • Water Injection : Up to 3000 litres per minute.
  • Thrust : 12,000 lbs.
  • Control Method : Wired.
  • Noise Level @ 1m : 99dB.
  • Ignition system : High energy.
  • Start time from cold : 30 seconds (Requires  APU to start).

Due to the high energy nature of Gas Turbine engines, a safety perimeter is required when operating the Spey250 SG/WM.

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