BTL – RU19 (SW)

ru19The RU19 smoke generator / water mister has been developed to produce a large quantity of smoke as well as having the capability of separately misting water. The unit weighing approximately 350 kilo’s is mounted on to a fork lift truck friendly transport stand. Fuel, smoke fluid and water are fed externally to the engine via quick release couplings. Typical coverage is 20m high at a distance of 100m from the generator after 30s of smoke emission.

  • Size : L2400 x W800 x H900
  • Weight: 350 Kg
  • Fuel: Jet a1, heating oil or paraffin.
  • Fuel Consumption : Approx 8 Litres per minute @ idle.
  • Smoke Fluid : Tested with Ondina & Kristol M14.
  • Smoke Production : From 0 to 1200 litres per hour.
  • Water Injection : Up to 1000 litres per minute.
  • Thrust : 2000 lbs.
  • Noise Level @ 1m : 98dB.
  • Ignition system : High energy.
  • Start time from cold : 25 seconds.

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